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Brachioplasty in Houston, TX

Tone & lift your arms in Houston, TX

You find that, despite putting in regular effort at the gym, your arms may develop excess skin and fat that contribute to a flabby appearance.

As a result, you may experience self-consciousness that prevents you from going sleeveless or strapless, even in Houston’s hot and humid summers. The team at The Clinic for Plastic Surgery is here to help you live life more confidently and comfortably with the toned and athletic-looking arms you want. Our board-certified surgeons offer the expertise to give you beautifully sculpted arms that you will love for years to come. The Clinic for Plastic Surgery is the premier destination for arm lift or brachioplasty in Houston, Texas.

What is brachioplasty?

At The Clinic for Plastic Surgery in Houston brachioplasty is a surgical solution to excess fat and skin in the upper arms. As aging brings cellular changes that cause metabolism and collagen production declines, excess tissue can become increasingly difficult to resolve with a healthy lifestyle alone. Also known as arm lift surgery, brachioplasty offers you the ability to significantly enhance the definition and contours of your arms so you can achieve a physique that is consistent with your fitness efforts.

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What are the benefits of brachioplasty?

With the lean and sleek arms our skilled Houston plastic surgeons can achieve with arm lift surgery, you can gift yourself an enhanced sense of self-esteem and zest for life. You will have the ability to wear whatever you want, whenever you want, allowing for an uninhibited life experience. Furthermore, you can eliminate skin irritation caused by excess tissues. Ultimately, you can look forward to living, moving, and shopping more freely after your arm lift.

Who is a good candidate for brachioplasty?

Men and women alike can qualify. To experience the best results from brachioplasty Houston patients exploring this treatment should be healthy enough to undergo surgery, and have an optimistic outlook on their surgery and recovery. As a surgical procedure, it’s also essential that patients are able to take the necessary time off from work for optimal healing and results. Finally, patients should feel empowered and ready to take control of the concerns that have held them back from living life to the fullest for far too long.

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How can I prepare for my surgery?

In the weeks leading up to your arm lift procedure, your surgeon may instruct you to avoid certain medications that may thin your blood to prevent complications during and after surgery.

Since you will not be able to drive yourself home after surgery, you will need to make arrangements for a family member or trusted companion to drive you home and provide care. You can also pick up your prescribed medications before your surgery to make your day of surgery as smooth and easy as possible. Stock your recovery space with water bottles, snacks, necessary medicines, and whatever else you may want or need while you heal.

On the day of your procedure

To ensure your comfort during surgery, you will receive general anesthesia. Once you are sleeping soundly, your surgeon will make the necessary incisions.

Arm lift surgery for patients with minimal excess skin may entail small incisions within the armpits through which they will insert a liposuction cannula to remove excess fat. Patients with more significant excess skin may need larger incisions to sculpt and tone the arm properly. These incisions will span from the armpit to the elbow. Your surgeon will carefully remove your excess fat and skin and sculpt your arms to look naturally fit before closing your incisions and applying dressings to your incision sites. Your surgeon may also insert drains to prevent fluid from accumulating beneath the skin. Once the effects of your anesthesia have subsided, you will be able to begin your recovery at home.


You should plan to take a minimum of two to three weeks off from work to allow your body ample opportunity to heal after your arm lift. You can also expect swelling and pain, though your surgeon will provide you with medications to make your recovery as comfortable as possible. Your surgeon will remove your dressings, drains, and sutures at your follow-up appointment about one week after your surgery and evaluate your progress to make sure you are healing correctly. After that, you will likely be free to take light walks to promote healing. After approximately six weeks, you’ll have the go-ahead to return to strenuous activities, like running or working out.


While the reductions in skin and fat will be immediate, you will realize your full results as your swelling subsides to reveal your new, beautifully toned arms. Your results will be extremely long-lasting with proper care. You can maintain your arms’ sculpted appearance with a healthy and active lifestyle.

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By researching this ultra-effective solution to excess fat and skin laxity in the arms, you have already taken the first step toward a happier, more invigorated life. If you are ready to take the next step, our friendly and professional team invites you to schedule your brachioplasty consultation with one of our highly reputable surgeons. We look forward to helping you achieve your best lift and best life!

Arm Lift FAQs

Does insurance cover an arm lift?

Under most circumstances, arm lift surgery is considered a cosmetic procedure and is not eligible for coverage from insurance providers. However, in some cases, excess arm tissue can impede the functionality of the arms, deeming arm lift surgery medically necessary. If you think your arm lift surgery may be eligible for insurance coverage, you can discuss this with your surgeon during your initial consultation.

Can excess skin tighten naturally after arm liposuction?

In some cases where only a small amount of fat is removed, the skin may very slightly shrink around the reduced volume in the arm. However, this effect may be minimal at best. As arm fullness is decreased, arm liposuction alone may result in a visible increase in excess skin. In order to achieve the best results, liposuction and skin reduction should be performed in combination to prevent “bat wings”.

The Clinic for Plastic Surgery loves to be a part of our patients’ journeys. That starts with a consultation. No matter which path you choose, you will feel more knowledgeable and confident about your decision after a meeting with our board-certified Houston plastic surgeons. Schedule a consultation today.

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