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Rhinoplasty in Houston, TX

Refine your look & enhance your breathing

Rhinoplasty, casually referred to as a “nose job”, is a surgical procedure performed to refine the shape of the nose, either for cosmetic or functional reasons.

While some patients may undergo rhinoplasty surgery to enhance facial harmony or symmetry, others may utilize this procedure to correct structural defects that impair breathing. For patients who are dissatisfied with the appearance of their nose in relation to their other features, rhinoplasty offers improved aesthetic balance. This procedure is completely customizable so that you can achieve your ideal look. The highly reputable board-certified plastic surgeons at The Clinic for Plastic Surgery are here to help you look and feel your best, with advanced techniques to deliver the best rhinoplasty Houston has to offer.

What are the benefits of rhinoplasty?

As one of the most prominent facial features, a nose that appears asymmetrical, unrefined, or disproportionate to the rest of the face can significantly disrupt facial harmony and overall beauty. Rhinoplasty offers patients with such concerns the ability to shape their nose to complement their other features and achieve a more balanced appearance throughout the entire face. In addition, rhinoplasty can significantly enhance your sense of self-esteem, allowing you to live a more confident and fulfilling life.

Rhinoplasty is exceptional in its ability to yield cosmetic and functional benefits simultaneously. While the benefits of many plastic surgery procedures are solely linked to aesthetic improvements, rhinoplasty can enhance your life by helping you to look, feel, and breathe better. Rhinoplasty is an effective and popular solution for patients suffering from a deviated septum, which can obstruct airflow, hinder breathing, and contribute to visual asymmetry. Many patients who seek treatment for nasal structural deformities with rhinoplasty surgery take the opportunity to also enhance their nose’s appearance in a single procedure.

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Who is a candidate for rhinoplasty surgery?

Candidates for our Houston rhinoplasty surgery are generally healthy, non-smoking individuals who would like to improve the quality of their nose, either aesthetically or functionally. Younger patients should not receive a nose job until their facial features are fully developed to prevent changes to their results due to growth. Furthermore, patients should approach their surgery with realistic expectations and an optimistic outlook.

Preparing for your procedure

There are a few preparatory steps you can take in the days and weeks leading up to your rhinoplasty to make your surgery and recovery as stress-free as possible.

You should avoid aspirin and other NSAIDs for two weeks leading up to your surgery, as well as alcohol for a minimum of one week. Patients who smoke should quit four weeks before surgery. You should also temporarily discontinue the use of any herbal supplements. All of these precautions help to reduce your risk of bleeding and contribute to a speedy, seamless recovery. There are also some things you can do to make your recovery as comfortable and stress-free as possible. Firstly, you will need to organize a close friend or family member to drive you home and assist you for the first 24 hours after your surgery. You can also prepare a “nest” at home, where you’ll rest comfortably with everything you’ll need in reach, such as water, any medications your surgeon has prescribed, soft snacks, a book, and your TV remote.

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What to expect during your procedure

When you arrive at our office on the day of your surgery, your surgeon will go over your surgical plan with you to confirm the details of your personalized procedure. After that, your surgeon will prepare you for surgery.

The type of anesthesia you will receive depends upon your procedure's invasiveness and your specific needs, potentially including general anesthesia and sedation. Once you are ready for surgery, your surgeon will make two incisions inside the nose for a “closed” procedure or a single incision spanning the columella (the tissue separating the nostrils) for an “open” procedure. If desired, your surgery may include incisions along the natural creases on either side of the nostrils to adjust their protrusion. Having established access to your inner nasal tissues, your doctor will sculpt your nose by removing cartilage or bone contributing to your concerns. In some cases, rhinoplasty includes cartilage grafting to achieve the desired shape.

Your surgeon will most likely use cartilage from your septum to keep your surgery confined to your nose. Furthermore, for patients suffering from a deviated septum, your surgeon will straighten the septum and rectify any protrusions inside the nose to improve airflow. As soon as your surgeon has created the desired shape, they will close your incisions. At this time, a member of our team will notify your companion that your surgery is complete. Your surgeon will dress the treatment area and monitor you closely as the effects of your anesthesia or sedation wear off. Once you are awake, you will be ready to begin your recovery at home.


During your recovery, you will likely need to wear a splint, internal packing, or both. You will experience swelling, which will significantly reduce in the weeks following your surgery. However, it may take as long as one year for tissues to settle and for you to realize your full results. Your board-certified surgeon will provide you with detailed instructions for your recovery, including your specific dressings, stitch removal (if needed), wound care, and recovery time. Your rhinoplasty results, while somewhat susceptible to the effects of aging, are permanent. You can best maintain your results with ongoing skincare and a healthy lifestyle.

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Rhinoplasty FAQs

What are the risks and side effects of rhinoplasty surgery?

The most common side effects of rhinoplasty surgery include swelling, bruising, and discomfort. These conditions typically resolve within a few weeks as your nose heals from your procedure. As with any surgical procedure, there are some risks associated with rhinoplasty, including reaction to anesthesia, nerve damage, scarring, septal perforation, asymmetry, or persistent swelling, bruising, or discomfort. You can minimize your risks by selecting a board-certified plastic surgeon to perform your surgery.

Is rhinoplasty painful?

While rhinoplasty is considered a major surgical procedure, most patients describe the process as uncomfortable rather than painful. On RealSelf.com, rhinoplasty surgery boasts a 90% “worth it” rating, with the majority of thousands of rhinoplasty patients being delighted with their surgery.

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