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Breast Reduction in Houston, TX

Houston breast reduction for increased comfort & confidence

Breasts that are too large for your frame can cause problems like self-consciousness and back pain. Furthermore, large breasts tend to sag more and may cause your nipples and areolas to appear overly large. Breast reduction surgery can reduce such issues by removing excess tissue to sculpt smaller, lifted breasts. With less excess weight in your breasts, you will experience relief from related discomfort and realize a more proportionate appearance. The board-certified surgeons at The Clinic for Plastic Surgery are experienced at performing breast surgery and offer patients some of the best breast reduction Houston has to offer.

What is breast reduction surgery?

Breast reduction surgery offers patients the ability to remove excess tissue for cosmetic and practical purposes.

Breast reduction removes unwanted excess tissue and sculpts the breasts to achieve more attractive and youthful-looking breasts. By removing excess tissue, not only can you reduce the size of your breasts, but you can make adjustments to your breasts’ position on the chest wall, symmetry, nipple placement, and areola size.

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What are the benefits of breast reduction?

With smaller breasts, you will feel more confident and comfortable. Your breasts won’t interfere with your ability to perform physical tasks, and your back and shoulders will be free from pain caused by excess weight. Furthermore, you can achieve all-around more attractive breasts by adjusting other imperfections simultaneously during your Houston breast reduction procedure.

What to expect on the day of your breast reduction

You will receive general anesthesia to ensure you do not feel any pain or discomfort during your breast reduction surgery. Because breast reduction is entirely customizable, the location of your incisions will vary depending on your specific needs.

Anchor incision

If you have extraordinarily large breasts, your surgeon may administer an anchor incision. Although this is the most invasive breast reduction technique, it is also the most commonly used because of its ability to produce the most dramatic results. For this method, your surgeon will create an incision around your areola, then vertically toward the bottom of your breast. The incision will then continue along the crease of the breast to create an anchor shape. This technique allows your surgeon to remove the most significant amount of skin and tissue and is considered the traditional breast reduction method.

Lollipop incision

If you are seeking moderate breast reduction, your surgeon may apply the lollipop technique. For this type of breast reduction, your surgeon will create an incision around the areola and vertically down the front of the breast. This method involves less visible scarring than the anchor technique, as it does not include an incision along the breast crease. The lollipop technique also allows for a shorter procedure than the anchor technique.

Scarless breast reduction

If your breasts possess more fatty tissue than glandular tissue, you may be a candidate for scarless breast reduction. This method involves liposuctioning excess fat from your breasts to sculpt smaller breasts that will better suit your frame. For this method, your surgeon will create a tiny incision within each armpit or in the bottom crease of each breast through which they will insert a thin cannula to break up and remove fat carefully. This technique offers the least scarring and is the least invasive of the three breast reduction techniques.

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As soon as your procedure is complete, your surgeon will dress you in a supportive surgical bra, and you will be able to go home to recover. It is common to experience some pain, weakness, swelling, bruising, and grogginess over the first few days of your recovery. You should plan to stay home from work and hold off on your regular activities for at least one week after your surgery to allow your body ample time to heal. You should be able to return to more strenuous activity about three weeks after your breast reduction.

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Breast reduction FAQs

What is a good age for breast reduction?

Even though patients in their mid-teens can usually undergo breast reduction surgery safely and effectively, some surgeons recommend that patients wait until the age of 18 to undergo breast reduction surgery.

Will I lose weight as a result of my breast reduction?

Because breast reduction surgery removes excess tissue, the amount of weight you lose will only be that of the removed tissue. Therefore, you should not approach your breast reduction procedure as a weight-loss treatment.

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