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Breast Implant Removal in Houston, TX

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Embark on a journey to restore your natural breast appearance and enhance your well-being with our Houston breast implant removal. Get relief from discomfort and boost self-confidence. At one point, breast implants had a place in your life. Now, possibly you’ve decided that it’s time to move on and reclaim your body.

Breast Implant Removal at The Clinic for Plastic Surgery

At The Clinic for Plastic Surgery, our highly skilled and renowned Houston plastic surgeon, Dr. Sam Sukkar, provides implant removal to patients seeking solutions for their implant-related concerns. Located in the heart of Houston, Texas, our practice is dedicated to providing safe and professional treatments, ensuring your comfort and satisfaction throughout the entire process.

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What is Breast Implant Removal?

You can return to your original state and enhance your physical health and emotional well-being by undergoing implant removal. This surgical procedure is performed by a talented plastic surgeon who will take out the inserted breast implants that were originally placed for breast augmentation or reconstruction. Patients may sometimes remove their implants due to personal preference, complications, or related medical problems. Still, no matter what brings you here – this procedure offers an opportunity to restore the natural appearance of your breasts and improve your quality of life.

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When is the Breast Implant Removal procedure needed?

Breast implant removal may become necessary for various reasons, including personal preference, complications, or health concerns. This procedure can significantly improve your quality of life and well-being. Key benefits of undergoing breast implant removal at The Clinic for Plastic Surgery include:

  • Alleviation of discomfort or pain associated with breast implants
  • Correction of implant-related complications, such as rupture or leakage
  • Restoration of your natural breast appearance
  • Enhanced self-confidence and body image

Is Breast Implant Removal right for me?

Implant removal may be ideal for individuals experiencing physical or emotional discomfort due to their implants or those who have faced complications. However, eligibility for the procedure depends on several factors, such as your overall health, medical history, and specific concerns. Generally, good candidates for this procedure:

  • Have breast implants that are causing pain or discomfort
  • Have experienced complications, such as rupture, leakage, or capsular contracture
  • Wish to return to their natural breast size and shape
  • Are in overall good health and have realistic expectations about the outcome

Preparing for the Procedure

At your consultation for breast implant removal Houston breast surgeon, Dr. Sukkar, will thoroughly review any issues or worries and examine past medical records and desired results. He’ll also explain the process step-by-step, including the possible risks or benefits, so it is easy for both of you to make an informed decision. To prepare for the procedure, there are a few steps, such as lab tests which he might recommend. There are also certain supplements and medications that should be avoided since they could potentially increase bleeding risk during surgery.

The Procedure

Depending upon your particular requirements, Dr. Sukkar’s explant surgery procedure can last anywhere from one to three hours and is performed under general or local anesthesia with sedation for optimal comfort. Once the incisions are made, the implants will be removed, followed by careful examination for potential complications, before finally closing the site with sutures.

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After the Surgery: Results and Aftercare

You can expect to see immediate results following implant removal, with your breasts returning to their natural shape and size. Following the procedure, you may find comfort and support in wearing a surgical bra. Full recovery generally takes 1-2 weeks before you can safely return to your normal routine, though this may vary depending on the exact procedures used. You should follow aftercare instructions for the best results.

Why choose The Clinic for Plastic Surgery?

Dr. Sukkar stands out from his competition with personalized care and cutting-edge techniques that ensure unbeatable results and patient satisfaction. Numerous awards, accolades, and positive media coverage are proof points highlighting his commitment to being at the pinnacle of plastic surgery excellence. With Dr. Sukkar’s pristine attention to detail and reputation as one of the nation’s top plastic surgeons, you will be in excellent hands.

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Risks associated with the procedure are similar to most breast surgeries, including infection, bleeding, anesthesia complications, and sensation changes.

Full recovery typically takes 1-2 weeks, with most patients resuming normal activities within this timeframe.

Scarring may occur, but Dr. Sukkar minimizes and strategically places incisions to reduce their visibility.

Elective surgical procedures like implant removal should be avoided while pregnant or breastfeeding.

Nipple sensitivity may temporarily change following surgery but typically returns to normal within a few months.

Breast implant removal costs are dependent on your specific situation.

The Clinic for Plastic Surgery loves to be a part of our patients’ journeys. That starts with a consultation. No matter which path you choose, you will feel more knowledgeable and confident about your decision after a meeting with our board-certified Houston plastic surgeons. Schedule a consultation today.

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