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Vaginal Rejuvenationin Houston, TX

Comprehensive vaginal rejuvenation surgery in Houston, TX

Concerns regarding the appearance or function of the vagina can be a product of aging, genetics, childbirth, weight change, hormonal fluctuations, or other factors. No matter the cause, excess tissue and increased skin laxity can cause some women to feel self-conscious about the appearance of their vagina. Furthermore, such issues can cause reduced sexual pleasure and confidence, discomfort during physical activity, or irritation from tight clothing. The Clinic for Plastic Surgery offers vaginal rejuvenation by board-certified plastic surgeons in Houston, Texas, to provide such women the ability to live more freely with enhanced comfort and confidence.

What is vaginal rejuvenation surgery?

Surgical vaginal rejuvenation incorporates several procedures to achieve comprehensive improvement in the vagina’s look and function.

Vaginal rejuvenation surgery produces an all-encompassing improvement in the condition to address a broad range of concerns by refining the inner and outer labia, reducing the clitoral hood tissue, removing excess tissue from the mons pubis (or the fatty area covering the pubic bone), and tightening the vaginal canal. At The Clinic for Plastic Surgery in Houston vaginal rejuvenation surgery is entirely customizable and can include any combination of procedures to suit your unique needs.

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On the day of your vaginal rejuvenation procedure

Depending on the specific details of your vaginal rejuvenation procedure, you may receive local anesthesia with sedation or general sedation. Once you are sufficiently numb, your surgeon will begin your surgery. Your surgeon will perform all of the predetermined procedures included in your surgical plan. Your surgeon will close all of your incisions and apply any necessary dressings before you wake up from anesthesia.


During labiaplasty, your surgeon will trim away excess tissue from the inner labia (labia minora), outer labia (labia majora), or both so that neither has a loose or hanging appearance. As the inner labia may sometimes extend beyond the surrounding outer labia, labiaplasty can shorten the inner labia for a sleeker appearance. Depending on the surgical technique used, labiaplasty can also remove darkened tissue on the edges of the labia minora.

Clitoral hood reduction

Clitoral hood reduction involves the removal of a triangular wedge of tissue from the clitoral hood. In turn, more clitoral tissue is exposed, contributing to enhanced sexual pleasure. Patients commonly combine clitoral hood reduction with labiaplasty surgery.


Also known as a pubic lift, monsplasty reduces excess fat and skin from the mons pubis, or the layer of fat covering the pubic bone. Patients who have developed loose skin or stubborn fat as a result of age, weight loss, or other factors can achieve a smoother and flatter mons pubis.


As a result of various factors, the vaginal canal can become lax over time. Vaginoplasty surgically tightens the vaginal canal by excising a portion of mucosa tissue and pulling the vaginal muscles toward each other. By attaching either side of the removed tissue to the other, a vaginoplasty achieves a narrower vagina.

What are the benefits of surgical vaginal rejuvenation?

Post-vaginal rejuvenation patients can anticipate sexual improvements, such as increased confidence and comfort during intercourse as well as increased sexual pleasure for you and your partner. In addition, physical activities become more enjoyable as excess tissue is no longer getting pinched or twisted. Furthermore, you will be able to wear tight clothing, like athletic and swimwear, comfortably and without fear of certain anatomical features being visible. All of these benefits contribute to the increasing popularity of surgical vaginal rejuvenation. Realself.com reports a 94% patient satisfaction rating from vaginal rejuvenation patients, with many saying they wish they had not waited so long to do it!

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Who is a candidate for this procedure?

You might be a candidate for vaginal rejuvenation surgery if you have redundant vaginal tissue that affects the function or appearance of your vagina. You should feel excited about the prospect of increased sexual pleasure and the ability to wear and do what you want comfortably and confidently. With any plastic surgery procedure, you should feel compelled to undergo your treatment for your well-being.

Preparing for your surgery

In the weeks leading up to your vaginal rejuvenation surgery Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Sam Sukkar may instruct you to avoid certain medications or supplements, including NSAIDs and others that may thin the blood.

You also may fill any prescriptions your surgeon gives you for your recovery so that they are readily available right after your procedure. It is essential that you arrange for someone close to you to drive you home and provide care after your surgery, as you will not be able to drive. As you will be recovering at home, you can also prepare for your surgery by ensuring that you have loose-fitting, comfortable clothing to wear while you heal.


Following your procedure, you will be free to head home to rest and recover. Most patients are up and moving around within 24 hours. Over the first few days, you can alleviate pain and swelling with ice packs and your prescribed medication. Most patients return to work within a week of their surgery. It takes approximately six weeks to heal completely, so you’ll want to avoid anything that could irritate or strain your incisions, including heavy lifting.


Vaginal rejuvenation can give those with concerns about excess or lax tissues a significantly improved quality of life, better sexual confidence, freedom from constant or persistent discomfort, and the ability to wear previously irritating or revealing clothes. Results are long-lasting and beautifully natural-looking as scarring is usually undetectable.

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Vaginal RejuvenationFAQs

Will insurance cover my procedure?

Unfortunately, insurance usually does not cover vaginal rejuvenation. However, under certain rare circumstances, vaginal rejuvenation may be deemed medically necessary. Your doctor can help assess if your vaginal rejuvenation surgery may be eligible for coverage.

Is vaginal rejuvenation painful?

Due to the use of anesthesia, you will not experience any pain during your procedure. While you will experience some mild to moderate pain for a few days after your procedure, most patients are comfortable without pain medication within three or four days.

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