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Tummy tuck in Houston, TX

Sculpt your midsection with Houston Tummy Tuck surgery

A tummy tuck or abdominoplasty allows patients to completely transform their midsection for a naturally lean and tight appearance. Our expert Houston plastic surgeons can deliver your ideal physique in a single procedure by removing excess fat and skin and pulling the abdominal muscles closer together. Achieve sexy curves, washboard abs, and a circumferentially smaller midsection with a Houston tummy tuck from the board-certified surgeons at The Clinic for Plastic Surgery, and realize a significant boost in confidence and quality of life.

What is a Tummy Tuck?

Abdominoplasty, more commonly known as a tummy tuck, offers dramatic and remarkable transformations to individuals who have experienced weight loss or pregnancy.

Through the removal of excess skin and fat along with tightened abdominal muscles, this procedure can help you achieve your desired midsection for long-lasting results! Whether you are looking to restore weakened abdominal muscles or create an aesthetically pleasing contour of your abdomen – abdominoplasty is a safe and successful solution that will leave you feeling beautiful from within.

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What is a Mini Tummy Tuck?

If you’re seeking a less invasive and easier solution than the traditional tummy tuck, then consider opting for a mini tummy tuck! Particularly suitable for those with minimal excess tissue, this procedure does not require abdominal muscle repositioning. Instead, it focuses on removing any loose skin or overabundant fat (if desired). A much smaller incision is made above the pubic area-- one that can be easily hidden in swimwear or lingerie.

What can you achieve with a Tummy Tuck?

A tummy tuck combines multiple techniques to substantially improve the appearance of loose skin, lax muscles, and excess fat in the midsection. Our surgeons utilize the most advanced methods available to perform each tummy tuck with the highest level of precision and attention to detail. This dedication to excellence enables our surgeons to tailor every inch of your midsection to suit your specific preferences and complement your other features in a way that looks both natural and impeccable. The moment you realize the results of your tummy tuck, you’re likely to experience an immediate increase in self-confidence and excitement for the next chapter of your life. You’ll feel ready to embrace opportunities and confront challenges because you will have invested in your well-being and happiness.

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The ideal candidates for tummy tuck surgery include men and women who have developed loose abdominal skin and muscles due to significant weight loss or pregnancy. To ensure the longest-lasting results, you should be at or near your ideal body weight and be able to maintain a stable weight before and after your tummy tuck procedure. For any surgical procedure, you should be in good health overall and have the ability to take the appropriate time to rest and allow your body to heal properly.

Consultation and Preparation

The consultation is an important part of the tummy tuck process. It allows for a thorough medical evaluation and an opportunity to discuss your desired outcome. During the consultation, you will be asked about your specific cosmetic goals and any medical conditions that may affect the procedure. Your doctor will examine your abdominal area to determine if you are a suitable candidate for the procedure.

In preparation for your tummy tuck, you will be instructed to quit smoking and avoid taking certain medications that may increase your risk of bleeding or other complications. You may also need to follow a special diet and exercise in order to get the best results from the procedure. Your doctor will provide detailed instructions on what to do before and after your tummy tuck.

Your Tummy Tuckprocedure

You will receive general anesthesia for your tummy tuck, so you will not experience any pain during the procedure. Once you are sound asleep, your surgeon will create an incision that spans horizontally from one hip to the other. Your surgeon will use this incision and other incisions to lift your skin away from the underlying tissues to make the necessary adjustments. Your surgeon will trim away excess skin as well as suture together your abdominal muscles if needed.

Depending on your surgical plan, your surgeon may also use liposuction to remove excess fat and achieve a slimmer body shape. Once your surgeon has sculpted your abdomen to suit your goals, they will close all your incisions with stitches, medical adhesives, or clips. Your surgeon will place any necessary drains and apply a dressing to your midsection. Tummy tuck surgery typically takes around three hours, and once it is complete, you will be able to recover at home under the care of a close friend or family member.

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Combining a Tummy Tuck with Other Aesthetic Procedures

In some cases, a tummy tuck can be combined with other cosmetic procedures to enhance the results. This is often part of what’s known as a Mommy Makeover – which typically involves breast augmentation or lift, arm and thigh lift, and facial rejuvenation treatments such as Botox and dermal fillers. Combining a tummy tuck with a combination of these other procedures can help you achieve a more comprehensive, transformative outcome.


The results of a tummy tuck can be seen almost immediately after the procedure, although it will take several weeks for all swelling and bruising to fully subside. To maintain these results, you should avoid putting undue strain on your abdominal muscles by lifting heavy objects or engaging in strenuous activities that may cause unnecessary stress. Additionally, remain vigilant about taking care of your incision and scar, making sure to keep the area clean and dry. Consider wearing a supportive garment for a few weeks after the procedure to help alleviate swelling and minimize discomfort.

Due to the extensive nature of a tummy tuck and the remarkable transformation it can create in your midsection, you will need to prepare for a significant recovery. You can expect to stay home from work and other activities for two weeks after your tummy tuck. In addition, you will need to have someone close to you to provide care while you recover. If you have small children, you should also consider that they will need extra care while you heal.

Mini Tummy Tuck recovery

If you are a candidate for a Mini Tummy Tuck, you can look forward to a substantially shorter recovery time, with most patients resuming their light daily activities within two days of their procedure. You can expect to return to work ten days after your mini tummy tuck and resume strenuous activities approximately four weeks after your surgery.

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Tummy Tuck FAQs

There is no set weight for a tummy tuck necessarily. However, obesity and unstable weight may disqualify you for this procedure. To be a candidate, you should be within 10 to 15 pounds of your goal weight.

After a tummy tuck Houston patients drop two to three pants sizes on average. However, it is not unheard of for patients to experience a greater change.

When you stand up straight after your procedure, it may feel like your stomach is being stretched. The discomfort tends to be most intense in the initial days following surgery.

While there are risks associated with a tummy tuck, such as bleeding, blood clots, infection, or complications from general anesthesia, it is still regarded as a safe procedure.

Tummy tucks are considered permanent. Keep in mind that you should still maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle in order to sustain the results. Additionally, it is important to note that any pregnancy after the procedure may affect the results.

No, a tummy tuck does not directly cause weight loss. Instead, it is designed to remove excess skin and fat from the abdominal area and help create a more contoured appearance.

Yes, a tummy tuck does involve scarring. However, the incision is usually placed in such a way that it can be easily hidden beneath clothing.

If you gain a significant amount of weight after having a tummy tuck, it may affect the results of the procedure.

Yes, it is recommended that you arrange for someone to drive you home after your tummy tuck procedure.

It is important to wait at least six weeks before engaging in strenuous physical activity following a tummy tuck.

The ideal age for a tummy tuck is typically between 30 and 35, when your skin still has good elasticity and you have achieved your desired weight. However, it is important to note that many people in their 50s and 60s may also benefit from this procedure.

Absolutely, combining a tummy tuck with other cosmetic treatments can significantly boost the outcomes. This is often combined into one package known as a Mommy Makeover.

Non-surgical alternatives to a tummy tuck are less extensive but can effectively treat small problem areas. These alternatives include CoolSculpting, Cellfina, and CoolTone treatments. These techniques are designed to freeze and reduce fat cells, smooth cellulite, and tone muscles. However, these treatments will not be able to produce the same results as a tummy tuck.

The cost of a tummy tuck varies based on the complexity of the procedure.

In general, insurance companies will not cover the cost of a tummy tuck since it is considered a cosmetic procedure.

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