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Thigh lift in Houston, TX

Leaner legs with thigh lift surgery in Houston, TX

Excess fat and lax skin can cause your thighs to appear flabby and less youthful. Decreased metabolism and collagen production due to aging can cause fat to accumulate and skin to become loose in various areas of the body, including the thighs. When this happens, it may make you feel less confident wearing shorts, leggings, or swimsuits. The highly reputable board-certified Houston plastic surgeons at The Clinic for Plastic Surgery want to help you realize slimmer, firmer thighs so you can wear whatever you choose with comfort and confidence. Thigh lift surgery is a fast and effective solution to excess thigh tissue, with the ability to significantly enhance your life.

What is a thigh lift?

A thigh lift is a surgical procedure involving the removal of excess tissue in the thighs to achieve slimmer, sexier contours.

Through the careful and strategic removal of unwanted excess skin and fat, your surgeon will sculpt beautifully toned and youthful-looking thighs. In addition, your Houston thigh lift can significantly reduce cellulite in your thighs for a vast improvement in your legs’ appearance. Self-consciousness caused by excess thigh tissue can cause self-esteem to decline, impairing your sense of wellness. With thinner, more youthful thighs, you will experience increased confidence and the ability to optimize every opportunity that life brings.

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Am I a candidate?

A thigh lift is the most effective solution to excess fat, lax skin, and cellulite in the legs. It is the ideal treatment option for patients who have unsuccessfully tried to resolve their concerns with diet and exercise. To achieve the best thigh lift Houston has to offer, you should be close to your ideal weight, as a significant weight change after your thigh lift could impact your results. Committing to a healthy lifestyle following your surgery will significantly help you maintain definition and tone in your thighs.

What can I expect on the day of my surgery?

You will receive general anesthesia for your thigh lift to ensure your complete comfort throughout your procedure. Your surgeon will begin your thigh lift by creating a discretely located incision on the inside of your leg in the groin. They will use that access point to remove excess fat and tissue from the inside of your thigh. Your surgeon will then pull your skin tight and move to the outer thigh. For your outer thigh, your surgeon will make an incision at the top of your leg, near your hip, to remove excess tissues from the outside of your upper leg. Lastly, they will pull your skin taut and close all of the incisions. Your surgeon will apply dressings as well as place drains to prevent excess fluids from accumulating beneath the skin. As soon as you wake up from anesthesia, your surgeon will send you home to begin your recovery.

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You should expect to spend two to three weeks home from work. During the first week, your mobility will be extremely limited. Therefore, it is essential that you make arrangements for someone close to you to provide care during this time, especially if you have small children.

You will be able to alleviate bruising and swelling with the regular application of ice to the affected areas. While it is important to avoid strenuous activity until you recover fully, your surgeon will encourage you to take short, easy walks around your house as soon as you are able to aid with healing. Your surgeon will also give you a compression garment to promote skin tightening and contour stability as your thighs heal. You will return to our office one week after your thigh lift so that your surgeon can assess your progress and confirm that you are healing correctly. At this time, they will also remove your drains and sutures. You will be able to return to light activity within two to three weeks of your thigh lift. However, you will need to continue to wear your compression garment for a minimum of one month.

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Thigh Lift FAQs

Will the fat in my thighs return after my surgery?

The fat reduction included in your thigh lift will be permanent. However, significant weight change anytime after your procedure will not prevent the remaining fat cells from swelling or shrinking along with the other fat cells in your body. Therefore, a healthy lifestyle is an integral part of maintaining your results.

Will I be able to sit after my thigh lift?

It is highly recommended that you limit your movement as much as possible during the first week of your recovery to prevent from stressing your incisions and impacting your results. In addition, you will likely be much more comfortable lying down during this period.

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